Death, a full stop for one

And a comma for countless others

A fire that burnt out

Leaving behind ruins and smothers

Whenever a heart stops

Some lives hit pause

Lifeless eyes remain staring

Where a hint of twinkle once was

A voice that no longer exists

Still echoes hauntingly in ears

The pain that impale the beating hearts

Is sharper than shears

Calling out of names still happens

Even after the person is gone

Habits don’t let go so easily

But whatever happened to “the show must go on”?

But the show does go on

Might take days or months or years

The pause goes back to play

After the drying out of tears

The mourning does end

So don’t you fear

Because even if one ends

Lives don’t stop around here


It’s hard to tell, the difference 

Between the raindrops and the tears 

She’s stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm 

Captured amidst her darkest fears


The storm, fierce and oppressive

Thinning her strength little by little

Mind and body exhausted to the core

Making her will fragile and brittle


One by one, the memories strike

Flashing like thunder before her eyes

Pain and guilt gnawing at her 

Oh, how she misses those clear blue skies


It feels like the end is here

And the storm’s shown its worst 

But the darkness strikes again

With its unending thirst


Her screams and screeches echo

As the storm takes its last toll 

She keeps on screaming even after dawn breaks

As it couldn’t subside the darkness of her soul



The Perfect Paradise

Lying straight on my back
On a bed of green grass
Sighing with the blowing wind
Under a sheet studded with infinite stars
A hand tucked under my head
My foot over my other leg
I’ve found my solace,
My perfect place.

Leaves rustling like a melody
The sweetest lullaby to lure sleep
Birds chirping in perfect symphony
The only alarm that’s pleasant to keep
Far away from where the city lies
Is this fantasy site with crystal skies
Away from all the unsolicited sound
Is this little paradise that I’ve found.

A soft pillow under my head
Made of crisp autumn leaves
A meadow so serene
It’s paradigm of absolute peace
It feels like a home without walls
Without any locks or keys
This is where I am,
This is where I’m meant to be.

It’s where the rainbows end
And all the dreams start
Where broken souls mend
Under the spell of nature’s art
Even for the voracious human
Whom nothing is ever suffice
This is the perfect escape,
The perfect paradise.




In Another Life

Maybe in another life
Where the pretences are shredded
And our souls are stark
Where the minds know no folly
And our hearts bear no mark
Maybe in that other life
We can be truthful for once
Voice what we want
And leave the bush alone
To escape the horrid haunt
Maybe in another life
Our souls will entwine
And the minds won’t intervene
Not making us wonder
About the things that could have been
But that other life
Is likely just a facade
Because the minds are deadly
The hearts, scarred
And the souls, guarded heavily
Against more good than bad
Not letting us live freely
For what we fear
Is what we cannot control
And the mind can’t bear the thought
Of the soul getting whole


The drowning castle

The waves splashed
and the castle fell
So did her tears
And the broken spell
Little did she know
That it was just the inception,
Of broken dreams
And heart’s illusion’s destruction
She used to be a little girl
Optimistic and naive
Then reality snapped
And broke every dream she weaved
Nothing seemed possible
In this dejected world
Still she kept hope
And some fantasies furled
Locked in a shell
Were her wildest dreams
She built up courage
And some fragile seams
She built, they killed
She built, they killed
It had become a cruel game
That she knew she couldn’t win
She accepted the brutal reality
And her hope was killed
Slipping away from her hands
Just like the sand castle she built


How do you know?
That you’re on the right road,
Took the right turn
Have you set the right mode?
Your eyes still have the light
Still knitting more dreams
But the sparkle lost somewhere down a long forgotten road
The dreams they knitted
Part of them crushed, drowned
Into the bottom of the deep, dark, heart
Taking away some part of you as they went
Little by little, each time
Untill the numbness took over
And you no longer had a beating heart
One of your hundred dreams came true
No matter how little
Your hope renewed,
the eyes sparkled
And you let yourself believe
You put your self out there, again
Well, it is the human heart
As time sprinted by, life moved on
Life moved on, you moved on
From one dream to another
Because now you know the pattern
Because now you know better
But what is logic to the human heart?
What are some broken dreams when there still a crack in the closed door?
Which lets a ray pass, to renew your soul
No matter how thick your armour is
The cunning ray will pass,
entering your soul
And you will break like glass


You see them laughing, laughing and talking,
the perfect image forms in your brain
A pang tugging at your heart, which yearns for the same
There is always a story behind a picture
And in this case, the image isn’t that plain
You know nothing of what her smile conceals
or what his laughter contains
They’re struggling behind the curtain of paradise
Trying their best,
to save what is left of their bond
before it breaks

It won’t ever be the same
just like a broken string
which is never perfect again
The battle is over
there isn’t any cry of joy
Only silence silences
And the longing for what could have been


My first ever Harry Potter fanfic 

Disclaimer: obviously you know that I don’t own these characters, duh. But let’s finish these formalities. “I don’t own any of the characters mentioned below, they are the creation of the amazing J.K. Rowling” 

This is my first fanfic ever so please don’t judge. But I think I did pretty good :p 

It’s a Hinny fanfic. Yes, I do ship Hinny with all my heart. So, if you’re a Drarry, Harmony or any other Harry/*inserts random character* shipper you’ll not like it. 

Anyway, here’s the thing: 

Harry took a last look in the mirror. His hair were finally presentable, thanks to Hermione. He had asked for her help after an hour’s worth of trying. His eyes met Hermione’s in the mirror. 

“You sure about this?” She asked. 


“Oh this is so great!” She flung herself at Harry. He smiled and hugged her back. His eyes fell on the wall clock beside the window. It was nearly time.

“Don’t you have to be at the ministry for the meeting you were telling me about?” Harry asked.

“You’re right, I totally forgot about that in all the excitement. Well, I’ll be going now. Best of luck.”

And moments later Hermione vanished into thin air.

Harry took a deep breath. 

“This should go well.”
Moments later Harry apparated at the place where he and Ginny had decided to meet. It was the small garden they’d discovered one day while he was walking Ginny to the Burrow. It had become their escape. Harry waved his wand and the table and chairs and food all appeared as he had planned. It was almost 8 and the moonlight made the garden look breathtakingly beautiful. Everything was as Harry had planned. Just one thing missing.

Just then Ginevra Weasely appeared out of thin air. She was wearing an elegant deep red dress which ended just above her knees. Her long wavy red hair touched her waist. Harry was wrong. Nothing could be more breathtakingly beautiful than the woman standing in front of him. 

Ginny’s face lit up as soon as she spotted Harry. “You’re early, that’s refreshing.” She said amusingly. She gave Harry a quick peck on the lips. Harry led her to the table and pulled a chair out for her. With a quick wave of his wand all the floating candles lit up. Ginny beamed. “You’ve outdone yourself this time, Harry Potter.” 

“Well what can I say? You’re pretty hard to impress.”

Ginny smiled and shook her head. “So what did you want to talk about?” 

“I’ve got you something, I want you to open it first. We can talk after that.” 

“All this set up and a gift? To what to I owe this pleasure?” She was smiling that beautiful smile of hers again. Harry had always adored it. 

“Just one of my good days.” 

And with a swish of his wand, a box appeared. Harry directed it straight towards Ginny. She eyed the box curiously, it was made of wood and numerous snitches were carved on it. 

“Go on, open it.” Harry urged, his heart was thumping against his chest. 

Ginny opened the box and a golden snitch came floating up. She looked at Harry. 

“It is the snitch you caught at your first international match.” 

Ginny looked taken aback. 

“How in the world did you get it?”

Harry chuckled and said ” I’m Harry Potter.” 

Ginny raised a brow at him. 

“Go on, it remembers it’s first touch.” Harry’s heart was beating at a very high rate by this time.

Ginny captured the snitch in her right hand. The snitch opened and a beautiful diamond ring came floating upwards. She gaped at it and looked up to face Harry, only he wasn’t in his seat. He was beside her, on his knees. Harry took Ginny’s hand. 

“Ginevra Weasely, you amazingly incredible woman, you have made my life so beautiful just by existing. Just a flash of that smile of yours can make my day. I want to wake up to that smile everyday. Just by hearing your voice, I can forget all the worries in the whole wide world. I want to hear that voice everyday. I love you with all my heart. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Ginny, will you marry me?”

A tear rolled down her face. 

“Oh no, what did I do wrong?” Harry panicked and stood up. Ginny stood up too “You did nothing wrong, you blithering idiot. I have loved for so long that I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t. Of course I’ll marry you!”

Harry kissed Ginny as he had never before. She smiled against his lips. 

“Don’t you want me to wear the ring?” 

Harry broke away, took the ring from her hand and slid into her finger. 

He had never felt this happy in his life before.

Finding solace 

I keep walking
One foot in front of the other
It’s a long path to trace
I don’t know how long it will be
Until I find my solace
My steps come to a halt
It’s the first stop of my journey
I look around myself
Expectations are all I see
Mine from them and theirs from me
I try to let go
But they don’t budge, clinging to me
I try harder, desperate to succeed
Pushing and fighting
Until a click announces my victory
As soon as I let go
Of all the expectations
I know it’s time, for change of stations
The next time I stop
It’ll be ugly, I interpret
To get a step closer to solace
I need to forgive and forget
Promises kept, promises broken
It’s all swirling in front of me
Forgiveness can come easy
But some wounds take time to heal
It’s always difficult to forget
But in the end, I sealed the deal
Now I move forward
It’s the last stop of my journey
It’s hard to describe, what I see
A bubble of bliss surrounds me
All my wishes and all my earthly desires
Trying to allure me to stay
What I see is a paradise
But I know it’s a deception
All these materialistic things
Are just true joy’s depiction
The moment I realise
Where my true happiness lies
Is the moment I break free
The journey has ended
And solace had found me